Idle Cooking Emperor Wiki

Trainings Tab[]

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► Base Speed Increases the player's Speed stat.
► Base Precision Increases the player's Precision stat.
► Base Sense Increases the player's Sense stat.
► Base Instinct Increases the player's Instinct stat.
► Base Taste Increases the player's Taste stat.
► Base Intelligence Increases the player's Intelligence stat.
► Base Idea Increases the player's Idea stat.

Challenger Tab[]

Upgrades Tab[]

  • This tab is unlocked after you beat the Challenge in Office District.
  • You can buy upgrades which act as a multiplier for your stats.
  • Each purchase increases the cost of the next upgrade.
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► Boxing center Increases Speed by 5% per level.
► Dojo Increases Precision by 5% per level.
► Museum Increases Sense by 5% per level.
► Rain Forest Increases Instinct by 5% per level.
► Spice Testing Center Increases Taste by 5% per level.
► Library Increases Intelligence by 5% per level.
► Ninja Training Center Increases Idea by 5% per level.


  • It is a good idea to train all trainings equally.
  • Setting next at to 1 will cause the trainings to move one after another indefinitely.