Idle Cooking Emperor Wiki
  • There are 13 themes in the game, all of which require different conditions.
  • When a dish requires a main ingredient, then that ingredient should have the most weight or equal weight to any other ingredient but it does not mean the dish has to contain mostly that ingredient. (the dish can be 20% rice 80% not rice, and still be considered a rice dish assuming rice is the largest ingredient.)
Theme curry Curry Requires 4 different spices and 1 other ingredient.
Theme dessert Dessert Usually a sweet and light dish should weigh no more than 200grams
Theme drink Drink Must be able to be drunk, Requires liquid in recipe (milk,water,etc) weight should be between 200-500
Theme egg Egg Requires at least one egg. (60grams)
Theme fish Fish Requires fish as a main ingredient
Theme flour Flour Requires Flour as a main ingredient
Theme fruit Fruit Requires two different types of fruit
Theme meat Meat Requires meat other than fish or Poultry as a main ingredient.
Theme poultry Poultry Requires Poultry as a main ingredient.
Theme rice Rice Requires rice as a main ingredient
Theme spicy Spicy Requires a dish to have a spiciness level of at least 5
Theme vegetarian Vegetarian Must contain fruits and vegetables, no meat, fish, or poultry. animal products are fine.
Theme vegan Vegan Must only contain fruits and vegetables, nothing else.