Idle Cooking Emperor Wiki

This tab allows you to manage and view all your restaurants.

Menu- this is where you add and remove recipes to be sold in this restaurant. Different restaurants will have different themes, matching the theme increases sell speed for that recipe. The maximum recipes per restaurant is initially 3, but more upgrades can be purchased allowing for more, up to a maximum of 10. If you are personally working in your restaurant there is a 1% chance per minute of a random recipe gaining a secret (the number of recipes selected can be upgraded as well.)

Staff, by default every restaurant has 2 staffing slots, and can be upgraded for more. There are two staff types cooks and waiters. Restaurants without a waiter suffer a penalty to sell speed. Each cook after the first provides diminishing returns and increased productivity the same applies to waiters. However the bonus from the first 2-3 additional staff can be quite substantial.

There are many different upgrades and customization choices for restaurants. The interior upgrade is the simplest and most direct way to increase profits. Each level grants a 2% bonus to both sell price and sell speed. Uniforms can provide bonuses to stat but require upkeep per employee. and the type upgrades can provide bonuses depending on if certain conditions are met.