Idle Cooking Emperor Wiki

This tab allows the Player to Research upgrades to recipes and is unlocked by beating the Neighborhood District chef.

There are three types of researches, two that are for a single dish and one that influences themes.

Quality- Increases the Quality of the dish. Increasing the dishes quality influences the points awarded in cooking battles as well as heavily influencing sale price. Extra recipe quality can also increase the amount of growth gained from feeding pets. The extra growth is equal to recipe quality (not research level) / 100 and capped at a bonus of 2. Dish quality is equal to 10 + (10 + Secrets / 2 + QualityResearch.Level) * Quality of Ingredients / 100)

Speed- Increases the sell speed of the dish. It provides a bonus in cooking duels as well to the speed of the dish. At level 100 research it gives roughly a 15% bonus to sale speed in duels and at 1000 research it gives roughly a 20% sale speed bonus in duels. So speed research has diminishing returns for duels but can provide a large bonus to the income of restaurants.

Theme- Increases the popularity, which boosts sale speed by 0.75% per level for dishes in the theme, and 1.0% per level if the area theme matches the dishes theme. Theme research gives smaller bonuses after level 100.