Idle Cooking Emperor Wiki

Each recipe in the game has many different values associated with it.

Quality- one of the Main stats associated with a dish. The quality of a dish is equal to 10 + (10 + Secrets / 2 + QualityResearch.Level) * Quality of Ingredients / 100). The quality of Ingredients is equal to average of the Ingredient quality and Ingredient Freshness.

Secrets- The number of secrets known on the specific recipe. Each secret improves quality and sell speed.

Quality Research- The current level of the quality research.

Speed Research- The current level of the speed research.

Theme- The theme in which the recipe lies. It affects which districts you can use the dish in cooking battles, as well as the benefit you get from districts and Theme Research.

Flavors- Salty, Sweet, Spicy, Sour, and Bitter. The level of a specific flavor can influence how a judge rates your dish in cooking battles. Different judges have different tastes but typically the higher the flavor value the bigger multiplier you get for liked flavors and the greater penalty you get for disliked flavors. Hovering over a specific judge can show you an estimate of their likes.

Taste- Can increase the popularity of a dish. But the effect is minor and taste is not the most important value. In cooking battles it causes a multiplier equal to (10 + taste)/10 - 0.5. When selling in a restaurant it multiplies popularity by (25 + taste) / (20 + avgTaste). avgTaste is the average taste of all dishes in the restaurant.

Combination- Increases both the sales price and points gained from a dish by 0.5% per point of combination. Hovering over a specific ingredients +/-Combi in the creation menu will allow you to see possible combinations. The combinations are additive for each ingredient. Ingredients can combine with multiple other ingredients.

The sales tab shows values associated with the direct sell of the dish, including the sell price, ingredient cost and the base preparation time. It also shows the total sales and total turnover.

The ingredient tab lists the type and number ingredients and the weight of ingredients.