Idle Cooking Emperor Wiki


After Defeating Hell:[]

- So you've beaten hell congratulations, in light of these events I will present to you the advanced guide.

Recommended Order for Fairies:

  1. Light Fairy (Pupil Modifier)
  2. Fire Fairy (Battle)

Your third fairy token can diverge from two paths either you can, focus on increasing magic gain or unlock more different abilities.

Mushroom Fairy (Magic Gain Route) or Dark Fairy (Training Boost) or Water Fairy (Research Boost)

Then we can have the sixth on onwards Fairies.

6th: Golden Dragon (Because you get medals)

7th: Wood Fairy (Selling speed)

8th: Combination fairy.

Upgrades unlocked by defeating Office District[]

  • Use your hard earned cash to multiply your training skills. Doing this can increase one's power 100 times instantaneously as long as you have the cash.
  • Use this to your advantage in order to quickly defeat proceeding restaurant challengers.

Magic Dust[]

  • Gained by feeding pets and collecting magic dust in the bag. Magic dust gain can only be increased by Trophies/Achievements, so find the best way to get the most achievements as fast as possible.

Magic Gain[]

After a while, you will steadily save up magic dust in order buy more pet tokens and it is without a doubt that your fairy can now unlock a second ability from their third evolution.

Recommended Second Abilities:[]

  • Magic Gain Boost (Will slowly increase magic boost gain within a time duration, it will not increase magic dust gain, the benefits it gives are not immediate results)
    • Magic Gain Boost does NOT have any significant traits which makes it look better when you first get it, however, you will slowly start to notice that the magic boost you gained within 1 hour, became even higher in the next run. For example, in 1 hour you got 110% Boost (of any different type), but in the NEXT RUN, you got 115% Boost in 1 hour. Basically this is something which is beneficial in the long run, it is not recommended for those who aim for "Immediate results".
  • Battle Boost (Will increase the amount of points gained when challenging challengers depending on the magic gain)
    • It is very useful and very much needed to gain an edge against other challengers, one of the reasons being that it is cost efficient and will very early overwhelm other challengers.
  • Pupil Boost (Increases the Pupil Multiplier by a set percentage based on total magic)
    • Very useful if you aim for quick speed runs and want to quickly get better stats, this route involves steadily stockpiling secrets, so if your not into that route it is recommended to avoid this as the percentage can be increased by magic boost too, if you happen to have Light fairy.

Not Recommended Second Abilities: (For the Beginning)[]

  • Training Boost or Research Boost
    • Because you can increase training speed or research speed using medals, and it would be a waste if you don't switch this ability with a much more useful one that cannot even be increased using medals such as those mentioned recommended abilities above.
    • However it is interesting to note that, when you reach Difficulty 3, you will start to realize that the boost Fairies give, are not halfed by the penatly, at this point it's your own decision if you want to change boosts, just for the benefit of it.
  • Secrets for Eaten Dishes +1
    • Secrets are great and all, they are permanent and can be easily gained by battling challengers however, there is a certain limit and this limit can only be increased using medals. This ability will only help decrease the time to reach max secrets, so if you are in a route which involves quickly stockping secrets, this is your ability.
    • When you reach Difficulty 2 you realize that your runs are becoming longer frequently, so you decide to increase your secrets capacity, using this boost will fill in that cap much faster, but...what's the benefit of filling in secrets capacity quicker if your Multiplier is at the negative (or lower than what was before).
  • Combination
    • It's a mediocre ability because this ability is at its peak highest performance when all 10 ingredients are unlocked but even then, it is downgraded with battle boost in the early game but only on par with battle boost at the very late game. This ability mainly focuses on increasing score when challenging challengers, which is sort of useful to give a slight edge in battle, but still not good enough, it's simply a dissapointment of an ability.
  • Sell Speed
    • You will ask why this is a bad ability it increases sell speed, because the effect is very minimal in fact using this to increase the amount of dishes sold is very useless. Advanced players recommend to not choose this, because you can increase sell speed using research so why bother giving up an important second ability slot for such a minimal effect ability. Frankly, this ability is the most useless out of all the abilities.

Challenging Ultimate Chef[]


  • Defeat Hell


  • The ultimate chef is a special battle. You can fight him as many times as you want however, he will grow stronger after every defeat. In this battle you will need to use 13 dishes, one of each theme and 13 cooks and 26 best waiters. Unlike other battles, in this battle the winner is the one who sells the most dishes within the time limit. You will sell more dishes if the population and happiness of all your areas is higher. Other than that, everything counts, your stats, stats of your staff, theme research, quality and speed research of the dishes used.


  • The main point is that It will involve selling dishes, the one with the most dishes sold in a certain time wins.
  • You will sell more dishes if the population and happiness of all your areas is higher. So buy buildings which increases population.
  • Everything counts in determining the winner, your stats, stats of your staff, theme research, quality and speed research of the dishes used.
  • Fighting the Ultimate Chef is unique, it does the involve the classic battle interface, but rather gets straight to the point offering no time limit.
  • You are allowed to challenge ultimate chef countless multiple times with no consequence.
  • Defeating the chef will offer you rewards and also increase the level of the ultimate chef. E.g: Ultimate Chef V1 is defeated, is replaced with Ultimate Chef V2.

Rewards for defeating Ultimate Chef:[]

  • 1 Gold medal
  • 1 extra combination bonus
  • 0.1 Extra Taste Bonus
  • The bonuses are permanent, so they persist even after starting as a new pupil, these bonuses only apply to the dishes you used in battle.
  • This can be also be a hindrance, for instance you want to use a dish with 10 ingredients however, because you have a dish with a bonus of 10 extra taste and 10 extra combination bonus, you decide not to replace your dish with that and not even bother improving that dish.

Reminder: You can modify the recipe of your dishes, because once they are modified all the bonuses gained will be retained regardless.

Specials and Medals[]


The Instant Battle Button allows the player to instantly win one against one challenger battle (restaurant), purchased if you hate waiting for 2 minutes. However, your stats must be 10 times higher than the opponent which most often always appears, also this button has a ridiculous cool down of 3 minutes which further degrades its efficiency. This costs 140'000 magic, it is not be worth to spend on unless you are in the Pupil's Pupil Challenge, because in that run your stats are reset to zero, the exploration speed is incredible slow at that point.

The Feed All Button allows the player to instantly either Feed All Pets Once or Feed All Pets to Full. This has no cool down and is very useful for saving time, allowing the player to not click the feed button multiple times. Costs 140'000 magic and is definitely worth it to spend on when you have lots of pets.

Unique Upgrade Functions[]

  • Purchasing Max Price Multiplier, it will allows the player to increase their price multiplier, such that it could double, triple the price and more. You can even adjust it freely, such that you can make it go back to Multiplier 1 from Multiplier 3. Any modification of the price whether it be Multiplier 20 or Multiplier 30 which would make the selling speed extremely slow, would not affect the results of "Ultimate Chef" battle due to its exclusion.
  • Max dishes, with a maximum of 10 and the cost of medal increases for every purchase (however the amount is very small when compared to the others). It will increase the maximum dishes able to be sold within restaurants thus increasing income.
  • Max ingredients, with a maximum number of 10 and the cost of medal increases for every purchase. It will increase the maximum amount of different ingredients able to be placed within a recipe. Thus slightly increasing combination or taste factors in the long term prospect.
  • Max concurrent researches, (Max is 26) the price increases by 15 for every purchase. It will allow the player to undergo more researches at the same time from their initial number of one research. Only do this if you're income is high or stable because it will be of utmost efficiency if that happens.
  • Increase ingredient quality or freshness- The price increases for every purchase, this is purchased purely for the sake of increasing the star rating of a restaurant since this is required.
  • Chance for secret, it's not worth spending for because you can easily gain secrets by challenging opponents frequently, also initially the amount of secrets which you can gain for a single pupil is a minimal value of 100, which can be increased further using medals. Basically this increases the chance of obtaining a secret when working in restaurants with an initial value of 1%, increasing by 1% per purchase.
  • Secrets Divider- Helpful when you have multiple different dishes however, for advanced players they mention that it is useless because they only have 13 recipes, one for each theme. So secrets divider is useless when you only have 13 recipes.
  • Second Theme- Increases points, by allowing the player to place a second theme to a recipe. The ingredients associated to enable that theme must be present. This costs 200 medals.

What Challenge should I pick?[]

Currently there are only two challenges, the Pupil's Pupil Challenge and Challenger's Challenge.

  • Pupil's Pupil Challenge (0/10) [Can be completed in Difficulty 0 less than 2 1/2 hours]
    • You will retire without any multiplier such that the pupil has no experience. Completion of challenge requires the defeat of Sarah Devil in Hell's restaurant.
    • REWARDS: A Toggle on Auto Battle Button for Challenger's Page. This basically gives you the ability to fight the first challenger such that if your opponents are Difficulty 1, 2 and 3. It would automatically choose Difficulty level 1, thus implying the level of difficulty would never increase. Also the rewards you gain for fighting those challengers automatically will initially start at 10%, which can be increased by 10% for every completion of the challenge at a maximum of 100%.
    • It is recommended to do this first, as the auto battle function is very useful in stockpiling the medals you gain when you are inactive in playing the game, as it would automatically fight challengers.
    • Note: Upon completion of the challenge firsthand, you will unlock difficulty 1.
    • Points to improve upon to quickly finish challenge:
      • Build more buildings to improve income and population. Which can be used to buy upgrades which would improve training by a hundredfold in a single click.
      • Secrets from dishes.
      • Training Boost and Research Boost improved by Medals (The amount of effect is quite little, but it depends on you)
  • Challenger's Challenge (0/20) [Can be completed within 12 hours, +1 hour per difficulty level)
    • You will retire normally with no loss. Completion of the challenge requires the defeat of a challenger 13 times. (When fighting the challenger, the theme will naturally change to one of you have not defeated yet).
    • The Difficulty of the challenger which is required to be defeated initially starts at 1, and this difficulty increases by 1, for each completion of the challenge.
    • REWARDS: +10% chance to gain an extra medal when defeating a challenger. Completing 10 will make it a total 100% chance to certainly gain an extra medal when defeating a challenger. Completing 20 will make it a 100% chance to certainly gain a 2nd extra medal.
    • This challenge is also recommended to do first, as it helps in increasing the amount of medals gained when defeating challengers.
    • Points to improve upon to quickly finish challenge:
      • Have more research speed, training doesn't matter as the challenger is always on par with your stats.
      • Have more secrets gained per retire.
      • Time your game play and measure if you have reached an hour.


  • 12 hours (12 challengers) maximum for rewards gained. Meaning IF you gain 10 medals per challenger, you can gain a maximum of 120 medals every 12 hours. Exceeding "said hours" is a waste of time.
  • It can be switched on and off.
  • It is unlocked through multiplier reset via Pupil Pupil's Challenge.
  • You can never lose, it's impossible to lose and you will always win.
  • How can the difficulty increase in challenger's page?
    • Your recipe must have sufficient quality and stats to overturn the said challenger leading to an actual win, this does not happen if you win through default win, due to the function of the auto battle button.
    • This can be achieved through auto battle button or via manually.
    • There is a cap for the difficulty which can be achieved via auto battle button. This is measured 5*Difficulty Level, meaning if you are at Difficulty 0, the difficulty would never increase as 5 x 0 = 0. It is simple math. So to activate the cap, you must be in Difficulty Level 1.

Changing Difficulty to 1[]

  • What's great about changing difficulty?
    • Increases 100% the number of cooking medals and secrets you gain when fighting challengers. So that means if you gain 5 medals (when CC is maxed to 20), you will get 10 medals instead and that is a lot.
  • How hard would it get?
    • Stats of all opponents increased by 500% (Jesus Christ)
    • Sell price decreased by 10 (That's pretty mediocre).
    • Halves your training speed and research speed (we all know that sucks as hell)
  • What happens to the multipliers?
    • It would reset every time you retire to change difficulty, for example if you were in difficulty 1 and you wanted to change to difficulty 2 the price would include the reset of your current multipliers.

Difficulty 2[]

  • Divides research speed and training speed.
  • Decreases sell price by 100
  • Increases opponent's stats by 250'000%
  • Increases cooking medals earned by 300%
  • Changing difficulty resets multipliers.

Difficulty 3[]

  • Divides research speed and training speed.
  • Decreases sell price by 1'000
  • Increases opponent's stats by 1.250 million%
  • Increases cooking medals earned by 700%
  • Changing difficulty resets multipliers.

Difficulty 4[]

  • Divides research speed and training speed.
  • Decreases sell price by 10'000
  • Increases opponent's stats by 62.500 billion%
  • Increases cooking medals earned by 1'500%
  • Changing difficulty resets multipliers.